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About Proco

What do we do?:

Proco makes the prospecting phase of the 'ESG'-score-improving-salesperson's sales cycle more informed, personal and timely. We do this by repackaging trusted third party 'ESG' data and optimising this data into a form that improves the efficiency of relevant sales professionals' prospecting.

What's 'ESG'?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, is data that reflect the environmental, social and governance risks and impacts of a company's operations. For example;

  1. Environmental ("E") - Does the company recycle? Does renewable energy power it?

  2. Social ("S") - What's the diversity & inclusion (D&I) profile of the business? Does the company have a health and safety policy?

  3. Governance ("G") - How age, ethnically and gender diverse is the company's board? What is the pay disparity like between the executive and the lowest-paid employee? 

We recommend referring to these thought leaders in the ESG world for further reading; i) ii) iii) iv), to name a few.

Who do we do it for?:

We want to help sales managers and directors sell goods and services to other businesses, improving those businesses' ESG scores.

What benefits do our customers get from working with us?

We want the sales managers and directors working at ESG-score-improving companies, for example, organisations selling renewable energy to other businesses, to sell more.  


By adapting ever increasingly rich and live ESG data to the sales processes of our customers, we reduce the time and energy required to make informed, personal and timely introductions to cold prospective B2B customers. The salesperson can both;

  1. Spend more time in their working week focused on later stages in the sales process.

  2. Advance more qualified prospects through their pipeline in the same amount of time vs without Proco. 

Where do we get our ESG data from?:

Proco currently gets its ESG data from ESG Analytics ( 

Why do we do it? Our mission?:


To speed up the delivery of B2B products and services, making businesses more ethical and sustainable.

Where are we going? Our vision?

To play our part in accelerating the transition toward a more ethical and sustainable 'business as usual' for all businesses worldwide.

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