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We created Proco to help teams like yours improve the business world
Our Vision
We created Proco to contribute to the transition toward a more ethical and sustainable 'business as usual' worldwide
Our Mission
To help our customers deliver solutions that make other business more ethical and sustainable, faster
What's 'ESG'?
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data is information that reflects the ESG risks and impacts of a company's operations, it stands for:
Governance ("G")
Environmental ("E")
Social ("S")
  • How gender diverse is the company's board?
  • What is the pay disparity like between executives and the lowest-paid employee?
  • Does the company recycle?
  • Does the company use renewable energy to power their operations?
  • Does the company protect the data entrusted to it by its customer
  • Does the company have the requisite health and safety policies?
Why do your customers care about ESG now?
Due to climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and water resource degradation, the planet is undergoing profound environmental changes. Issues on the use of unethical labour in international supply chains, data privacy and human rights issues continue to dog global society. Many companies’ business ethics, competitive behaviour and regulatory management leave room for improvement.
The business world is in dire need of improving the ethics and sustainably of its operations. For businesses to succeed in the 2020s and beyond, they will increasingly need to address critical environmental, social and governance business risks.
Investors, regulators, staff, and customers worldwide are increasingly incentivising companies to report on and then reduce their ESG risk in exchange for benefits impacting their bottom line. These benefits include to name a few;
  • Greater capital access
  • Decreased fines from empowered jurisdictions
  • Attracting and retaining quality skilled staff
  • Acquiring and engaging higher value customers
To realise these benefits, companies will increasingly report their ESG performance against converging standardised ESG frameworks. Examples of these converging ESG frameworks include;
  • The ISSB (an offshoot of the IFRS formed at the UN’s COP26 event in November 2021)
  • The SEC's disclosures
  • The EU’s ESRS
In addition, more jurisdictions will start legislating ESG reporting against these leading standards frameworks as mandatory. The direction of travel will be top-down, starting with large public companies and moving down to smaller, private entities.
Over the coming years, your customers will focus more on improving their ESG reporting and performance.
Stakeholders will incentivise companies to buy from suppliers that can reduce their business' ESG risk.
Where can I go to learn more about ESG?
We recommend referring to these ESG thought leaders for further reading.
ESG standards bodies:
ESG in the media:
ESG data providers:
Where does Proco get its ESG data from?
Proco currently sources its ESG data from ESG Enterprise ( ESG Enterprise currently assesses companies' ESG performance against the SASB ESG standards. SASB is a foundational precursor to incoming ISSB ESG standards.
Who’s part of the Proco team?
George Burton
Currently accelerating the transition toward a more ethical and sustainable ‘business as usual’, for all businesses worldwide with Proco.
Previous career focused on sales (The Wall Street Journal), project management (Chaucer, A B Graphic International) and entrepreneurship (Tona). Graduate of the University of Manchester.
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