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Find clients most in need of your solutions with environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, in Salesforce.
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Proco gives you insight that helps your team sell and close more, faster
Get Proco at Salesforce
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Use Proco’s ESG intelligence to learn more about your customers’ realtime performance across the 26 current SASB General Issue Category factors, all within your Salesforce org:
Selling Practices & Product Labeling
Air Quality
Energy Management
Water & Wastewater Management
Waste & Hazardous Materials
Customer Privacy
Ecological Impacts
Product Design & Lifecycle Management
Business Model Resilience
Supply Chain Management
Materials Sourcing & Efficiency
Environmental (E)
GHG Emissions
Employee Health & Safety
Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion
Human Rights & Community Relations
Physical Impacts of Climate Change
Data Security
Access & Affordability
Product Quality & Safety
Customer Welfare
Social (S)
Labour Practices
Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment
Competitive Behaviour
Critical Incident Risk Management
Business Ethics
Systemic Risk Management
Governance (G)
Close faster,
sell more with
ESG data insights
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Discover your next best customer with relevant ESG needs
Find your target
Use Proco to find the companies that fit your ideal customer profiles and then add them to your Salesforce org.
Confidently connect on your discovery calls with our ESG sales insight about your target comany and industry.
Identify new opportunity and drive business from existing CRM records by enriching your accounts with ESG data.
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Get more out of your day
Build trust
Build trust with your customers by understanding the increasingly business-critical ESG issues they face.
We know that prospecting for new deals and researching accounts can be a time intensive process. Proco exists to help you more easily hit your number.
Improve focus by using Proco
within your Salesforce org, rather than switching between different applications.
Increase your team’s efficiency at a fraction of the cost of training or hiring new personnel.
Save time
Improve focus
Increase efficiency
Save time by focusing your sales activity on those companies that will most likely need your solutions.
Proco benefits the entire sales team whose products and services can improve the ESG performance of other businesses.
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Sell and close more with Proco
Sales Managers
Proco’s users are Salesforce-using sales professionals accountable for their prospecting and other top of the funnel sales activity. They sell solutions which reduce the ESG risk of their medium-to-large enterprise customers.
Larry Fink
Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, January 2022;
Get Proco at Salesforce
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Sales Director
Proco’s buyers are sales directors, and team leads working for companies selling solutions which reduce the ESG risk of their medium-to-large enterprise customers. They are responsible for the productivity of their sales and sales operations teams and are actively looking for ways to maximise performance by improving existing processes and software.
“There is no question in our evidence of research that the companies who focus the most on their stakeholders have more resilient, more durable long-term profitability...Stakeholder capitalism it is a culture of an organisation moving forward, building connectivity with their clients, their employees and their communities"”
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Your customers care about improving their ESG performance now more than ever
The business world is in dire need of improving the ethics and sustainably of its operations. For businesses to succeed in the 2020s and beyond, they will increasingly need to address critical environmental, social and governance business risks.
Stakeholders, including investors, regulators, staff, and customers, are increasingly rewarding companies that report on and reduce their ESG risk with benefits that impact the business' bottom line. Some of these benefits are listed one to four to the right of this screen:
Over the coming years, Proco's customers' customer will focus more on improving their ESG reporting and performance
Stakeholders will incentivise companies to buy from suppliers that can reduce their business' ESG risk.
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Easier access to capital
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Decreased risk of fines resulting from poor ESG performance
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Attracting and retaining skilled staff
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Acquiring and engaging with higher-value customers
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Affordable Simple Pricing
Everything you need to find and land your next best customer.
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We currently price per user per month. This gives you a low risk, flexible way of introducing Proco to your company's Salesforce org.

We're adding new features all the time - we're just getting started. Join now, and help shape Proco's product journey.

We're improving the breadth and quality of our ESG data all the time. Tell us which companies are important to you.
Early customers will be rewarded for fixed early bird pricing of $90 per user per month, forever.
Proco’s promise
Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a more ethical and sustainable 'business as usual', for all businesses worldwide. Proco's values guide the business as we help you deliver your ethical and sustainable solutions to your customers.
Proco’s ESG data will only ever be aligned to the world’s most trusted and used ESG standards framework worldwide. We also understand that our customers’ Salesforce org and the data therein are business-critical, so we make sure Proco interacts with our customers’ data safely and reliably.
Customer success
Our company’s success is dependent on our product’s ability to help our customers sell and close more, faster. Even though we are a small, young company, we are here to help our customers to sell well.
Proco was built to help the business world become more ethical and sustainable. It's critically important to us that we 'walk the talk'.
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Enrich your Salesforce CRM
Everything you need to establish credibility and trust, converting leads into your next best customer
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